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Right off the bat, I have a nice-ish $600 PC.  I don't want to divulge the specs because that's boring and takes time, but take my word for it-- it's pretty decent, and it does the job for music production.

Since my latest post, I've purchased a few things, namely the following:

  • I've switched my primary DAW to REAPER, with a personal use license.  ($59 USD)
    • On a side note, I find REAPER to be an incredibly useful daw that promotes productive workflow in an individual like myself.  The routing, the effects, and the modulation capabilities are especially intriguing to me;  the highlight of those three, in my personal opinion, would be the Parameter Modulation option.  I can duck or boost any parameter in accordance with another sound using the signal follower feature, which I find very useful for ducking reverbs.  REAPER is also updated regularly with new features that I always find useful.  It's cheap, too.
  • I've purchased Image-Line's Sytrus. ($179 USD)
  • I'm renting Xfer's Serum. ($9.99/mo USD)
  • I use the M-Audio Keystation 49.  (Purchased for $89)
  • I use crappy COWIN headphones I bought off of Amazon.  ($69 or so?)

The only things I plan to change about that in the future are the headphones (looking for a new pair as I speak) and the M-Audio KS49 midi controller (I'd prefer weighted keys, looking at the Komplete Kontrol series).

The free VSTs I use are as follows:

  • ReaPlugs suite along with various JSFX utilities
  • Ambience reverb
  • Synth1
  • Oatmeal
  • Melda Production free bundle (namely using MWaveShaper and MRingModulator)

Overall these things give me a good enough sound.  I think I can produce quality music with these things while still not limiting my creative capability.  I'd recommend this setup for anybody who wants to get into music production, but as always, no setup is the end-all-be-all best setup, per se.

My (comparatively) cheap music production setup.

2016-09-09 20:40:14 by Auretilex

Here it is.  My music is shitty but I suppose my gear has a lot more potential than I do.


DAW:  Reason 9-- comparatively expensive as hell, but it's $400 and you get the whole package.  Not like FL studio where they give you a minimal collection of VSTs for $300 but basically leave you on your own for instruments, unless you cough up another $500.  Comes with a ton of different instruments by default and has a easy wiring modular-style setup.  Non-distracting UI and the workflow is awesome once you start practicing.  The mixing section comes with toggleable gate, compression and EQ on each track, and actually is modeled based on SSL consoles.  It has a sweet Master Bus compressor useful for general dynamic control on tracks.  Mastering section is no different for applying effects to the whole track than adding an instrument to a track-- just simple wiring.  Send effects are pretty cool, too.  I'd recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to produce _just_ EDM.  It comes pre-packaged with thousands upon thoudsands of instruments, but I mainly only used the sampled ones as I usually do my own sound design.

$40 Monster headphones

Rack Extensions:  Mixfood AmbiNature, Mixfood Orange, Mixfood Unison XS, Antidote by Synapse, Zero Hybrid Synthesizer by Blamsoft

The extensions to Reason generally give most of my songs life.  I've found that with a few basic REs you're able to replicate most sounds of any modern style.  The Mixfood stuff I use is more for ambient tracks, though.

This doesn't add up to much more than $800 and is relatively cheap if you just want to kickstart yourself.

So, I got scouted.

2016-05-15 18:45:12 by Auretilex

Yes, I got scouted.  I'm incredibly happy about it!  Much thanks to Gobsmacked.  I believe I'll start to post more of my works here.  I originally came here to make songs for Geometry Dash, and I sought it out like hell.  Didn't happen for a year, but now I'm here!  Releasing a new classical piece to celebrate.