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My (comparatively) cheap music production setup.

2016-09-09 20:40:14 by Auretilex

Here it is.  My music is shitty but I suppose my gear has a lot more potential than I do.


DAW:  Reason 9-- comparatively expensive as hell, but it's $400 and you get the whole package.  Not like FL studio where they give you a minimal collection of VSTs for $300 but basically leave you on your own for instruments, unless you cough up another $500.  Comes with a ton of different instruments by default and has a easy wiring modular-style setup.  Non-distracting UI and the workflow is awesome once you start practicing.  The mixing section comes with toggleable gate, compression and EQ on each track, and actually is modeled based on SSL consoles.  It has a sweet Master Bus compressor useful for general dynamic control on tracks.  Mastering section is no different for applying effects to the whole track than adding an instrument to a track-- just simple wiring.  Send effects are pretty cool, too.  I'd recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to produce _just_ EDM.  It comes pre-packaged with thousands upon thoudsands of instruments, but I mainly only used the sampled ones as I usually do my own sound design.

$40 Monster headphones

Rack Extensions:  Mixfood AmbiNature, Mixfood Orange, Mixfood Unison XS, Antidote by Synapse, Zero Hybrid Synthesizer by Blamsoft

The extensions to Reason generally give most of my songs life.  I've found that with a few basic REs you're able to replicate most sounds of any modern style.  The Mixfood stuff I use is more for ambient tracks, though.

This doesn't add up to much more than $800 and is relatively cheap if you just want to kickstart yourself.


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2016-09-09 21:22:41

Thats some sick shit right here. I myself like to use both Ableton and FL but you are right about FL studios squeezing the dollar out of their consumers. Correct me if im wrong but i think that Mod3Sto reps Reason 9...maybe it was Logic. But i have heard great things.


2016-09-09 22:12:46

Holy crap Reason 9 looks confusing.


2016-09-10 03:30:15

Actually, FL's Signature Bundle, which does away with some synths but for the longest time gave you the full monty of sorts, is $250-300 or so. I don't often have to worry about instruments because I've vowed to make cracking sounds with soundfonts and the like.

Not faulting you for your choice of Reason by the way, I can understand why you went for that.

For me it's this:
FL Signature Bundle at £200 or thereabouts
Secondhand Blue Snowball mic for £30
Physical instruments. The drums I use came to £30 each with two exceptions, which I found for dirt cheap at the car boot sale. The only one that cost me a bomb was my harp, at £150 or so. I generally look for them discounted.

I don't pirate anything. Every single last sound and plugin I use is free, or I have rights to it to a degree by way of being an alpha tester. This setup has been good enough to get me played on BBC Radio, so something must be going right.